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sc94597 said:
SegataSanshiro said:

Many game ESP from the Gamecube era had a similar map layout because of the limits of the era.  Metroid and Souls could not be more different of gameplay styles. Big whoop both are corridors. Still nothing alike and Metroid should never be souls like ever. Not even take a single note from it. You have surface level comparisons but they are still woefully different games.

I suspect you'd think Contra III and Super Metroid are more similar than Super Metroid and Castlevania IV too, because you use guns in two out of the three. 


But I digress, I can't discuss something with somebody who doesn't even address more than one of the points I made. 

No they are not and your points are not good ones so heh no point. You made surface level comparisons. Yeah maps and lore. Still play like totally different games.