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LMU Uncle Alfred said:
bigtakilla said:

I'd be much more interested in evolving the Other M character and continuing the cinematic take on Metroid. Tighter controls, better designed levels, and multiple world exploration I think is where they need to take the series, but I'm not sure the power is there hardware wise to realize that, so just build on everything in Other M. IMO we don't need to go back to Prime, it's perfect the way it was for its time and they need to keep evolving the series.


*edit* As for From Software making it, I don't see them making great platforming levels which is half of the metroidvania formula. I don't think FS should make it.

Both this and a Prime game are needed.  I liked the 2D adaptations that were presented in Other M so that route definitely works, but it just needed some things taken away  like switching to FPS mode from playing 2D style gameplay and reaction/counter attacks that were necessary to take down enemies that had too high health.


Another Prime game is a necessity.

I simply don't see what another Metroid Prime could bring to the table, and that's what I primarily look at when thinking about what sequels I want.