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tivec said:
You may not believe this, but I have never played any Zelda game (my only Nintendo consoles were GameBoy Advanced and 3DS). So I have another question. If I consider Witcher 3 and Persona series as great games and I enjoyed them will I also like BotW?


Snoorlax said:




So despite all the bad rep and sexual tension AngryJoe has with Nintendo, he has decided to give the Switch a chance and try the system out for himself and give us his live impressions on Twitch by playing Zelda Breath of the Wild and 1 2 Switch!

He already played 1 2 Switch and surprise surprise... He thinks that it's an overpriced demo and that Nintendo loves smelling their own farts! Can't say I wasn't expecting that!

Now he's going to play some Zelda and SPOILER ALERT!!!







it's his first Zelda game...

Love his comments.  This game is AAA amazing, no kidding, it's as good as Horizon Zero Dawn that we just played.  

My 8th gen collection