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vivster said:
KLAMarine said:

Fair enough. It's a matter of principle for me.

Considering I already gave Nintendo 470€ of my hard earned money, making them replace the joycons isn't really getting them back. I also doubt the issues will be resolved. It seems like an inherent issue due to cheap hardware.

I'd still do it if just to spite them. I'll be doing it if the issue is intolerably bad. I'll ride the warranties to a pair of joycons with better hardware.

setsunatenshi said:
KLAMarine said:

Fair enough. It's a matter of principle for me.

I agree in theory, but nintendo of europe is infamous for not giving a fuck.


I was aware this would probably be an issue from previous reports. Im more disappointed with not being able to charge while playing in handheld mode. I really had no intention to play on the tv, but oh well

I hear they each have about a 20 hour battery life so not too bad, I imagine.

LuckyTrouble said:
When I was setting up the system last night, I found that the left Joycon in particular was much more sensitive to the right side of it being covered and not directly facing the console. I watched a video before the Switch launch that gave a pretty decent explanation for why the Joycons may become less responsive, but Nintendo really should have focused on giving them a much stronger signal than they actually have considering a human hand is enough to basically destroy the signal from controller to console.

Considering the ridiculous effective range in current bluetooth capable devices like the iPhone 7, I find it strange that Nintendo seems to have gone with a vastly inferior method of signal transmission.

Just reading this pisses me off. I should hold off from ranting though since I have yet to try them myself.