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Slimebeast said:
Goatseye said:

So there is no basis to your claim? Got it.

By and large, integration has been a success story there, save for incidents like Monday night's, which have taken place in highly segregated neighbourhoods.

The newspaper Dagens Nyheter analysed crime statistics between October 2015 and January 2016 and came to the conclusion that refugees were responsible for only 1 per cent of all incidents.

That has done little to assuage the perceptions, even among Swedes, that foreigners are culpable for the crime that does happen.

A Pew Research Center study conducted in early 2016 indicated that 46 percent of Swedes believed that "refugees in our country are more to blame for crime than other groups."

I'm a skeptic person Slime, I work with palpable pieces of information and not emotional hunches. I condemn violence and I am not selective on it.
And based on our argument once about French national team, your claims get more scrutinized in my eyes.

"came to the conclusion that refugees were responsible for only 1 per cent of all incidents."
But what's the definition of a refugee in that context?
1% of all crimes were commited by newly arrived asylum seeker, people who hardly aren't even registered in the country yet. It's totally ignoring the other 1.5 million refugees here that came in the last three decades and their offspring. If those were counted you'd get 50% or so.

Okay I found a source in English:


Which are based on official statistics from 2005, mind you that they're extrapolated into reflecting the population makeup in 2015.
(please ignore the sensationalist and false claim of "95%" in the headline, apparently it's an islamo-critic site that misinterprets some of the numbers they translated and linked to)

I'm all for you to prove me wrong with factual statistics.

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