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Mummelmann said:
irstupid said:


Isn't that the very thing Trump said. He was talking about a FoxNews report they did the night before or something that was talking about how Sweeden is now seeing what you described above and more, such as rapes, ect due to the immigrations.

The media does a whole nit picking of his wording to try and paint what he said as him saying there was a terrorist attack the night before, to descredit him, draw aways the peoples attention from a problem, ect.

All this rioting does is add some credence to what Trump was saying. Immigrants are not mixing well with Sweeden and crime is getting out of hand.


Over half of my colleagues at work are immigrants, either first or second generation and all of them are awesome, and most immigrants are great. But the chasm between "us and them" is growing larger by the year, and where it's bad, it's really bad, no matter how some try to disguise it or refuse to talk about it. One of the main issues here is that a racist party has more or less hijacked the debate on immigration and others are afraid to touch the subject and be labelled as racists or fascists, and the resistance towards any and all arguments pointing to negatives of immigration, and especially poor integration, becomes massive when it is perceived to connect with those who are real racists. The biggest critics of the poor integration in the country that I've ever met are immigrants themselves.

High crime rates are tied to poverty, low employment, low value areas with little development incentive and low school attendance, it doesn't matter what "race" you are. But, regardless of the mechanics behind high crime rates; it's still a problem that needs to be adressed and not something to be ignored, as has been the case here for many years. Pairing this with an utterly despicable police chief and constant political reforms pulling in different directions doesn't exactly help either.

Oh com'on. Crime is tied to poverty and unemployment to a degree, but it's also tied to culture and values in a society or among sub-groups of people, or else you would never see the extreme discrepancies between people with a Middle Eastern background (5-10 times more prone to violent crime than ethnic Swedes) and East Asian background (who commit clearly less violent crime than native Swedes).

And to call Sweden democrats a "racist" party, geez. With that attitude why don't you go back to Norway dude. You write an excellent post filled with the exact same arguments that are only brought up by the Sweden democrats into the political discourse and yet you generalize very heavily and reward them with the racist label.