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VGPolyglot said:
GribbleGrunger said:

Oh my good God. These riots are taking place because the government are covering it up, the media aren't reporting it clearly and the populous are still in denial. They're running amock just because they can. Wake up.

Sure, like people in a foreign country, where they could risk being deported, would just riot for the fun of it.

Yes, migrants/refugees can be assholes, too. You realize Sweden provides a shit ton of support for these people, right? And many Swedish people refuse to even think about the migrant problem, increasing rape, assault, and murder cases, giving them the benefit of doubt. Most are just good people. Definitely naive, but good intentioned. But, when you import a ton of people without proper vetting, this is what happens. 


Really interesting. Just today I was listening to a radio program where they had a guy on who made a documentary about this. He actually got his ass beat up just for filming in a "no go zone." He had interviewed many people in Sweden who were basically just ignoring the problem, saying it was racist to even suggest there may even be a problem. It also focused on how the government in Sweden was just ignoring it, as well.

Even if Trump misspoke about when the previous attacks have happened, maybe at least now people will focus on the problem.