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LivingMetal said:
SonytendoAmiibo said:
I was collecting LEGO minifigs for the first year of LEGO Dimensions but ended up trading the entire year one set for a bunch of used PS4 games. Also, I was collecting all the Skylanders characters for years but sold a huge bunch of them off. Still have all the Swap Force, Trap Masters and all the Senseis out so far for Imaginators. Eventually I plan to only concentrate on collecting amiibo only. Collecting this stuff is so expensive it's not even funny. But with my plan to collect only amiibo in the future, I can save some money I would have otherwise spent on other collectables. Had to draw the line somewhere, and Nintendo branded collectibles are a better investment.

Thankfully, almost everything I bought for Dimensions was on sale.  Of course there were times a better sale came around right after I had made a purchase. It happens.  And then there is the elusive Green Arrow that was only available as a limited edition at some gaming conference.  It's been hovering around $40 on Amazon, but I grabbed one for $22 on ebay.  Yes, $22 for plastic and a data chip is pushing it over the edge, but at least I have one.

I also have the Supergirl as well.


I noticed these packages are not opened yet.......


Hey! They got SONY on my amiibo! Wait a minute. Two great gaming tastes that game great together!

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