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Barkley said:
irstupid said:
What does everyone find so gaudy about this?

Looks just like every other VR headset out there. But if Nintendo goes VR, they do have a cheap headset. I can't imagine that thing would cost more than $100.

It's not people feel it's gaudy, it's that the VR experience would be bloody awful. 720p Screen... basically just a crap Samsung Gear.

Though on another note, has anyone ever thought that the tablet itself may not have gyroscope, accelerometer and all those sensors you need in it? Sure it has motion control capabilities while the Joycons are attached, does the ACTUAL tablet have sensors in?

Meh on 720. It's not like any VR game is worth a damn anyway. They are all either two short, horrible controlled or look like a ps1 game anyway.

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