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As a man...I can't justify forcing a woman to carry my child. It's their right as a child bearer to make the decision on whether or not to carry the child. I have a right but in the grand scheme of things the one doing the heavy lifting for just the pregnancy would be the woman.

Which is why its important to have children with people that you love, because if there's love involved your woman will consider your opinions on the matter.

So I can't even fucking fathom how in the world this can slide. This is absolute BULLSHIT and SICKENING. I never understood the sense of how MEN could tell WOMEN what to do with their bodies. Like we know the fucking pain of Childbirth and pregnancy. Laws like this are a direct slap in the face to Women as a whole. FIX YOUR SHIT USA.

Black Women Are The Most Beautiful Women On The Planet.

"In video game terms, RPGs are games that involve a form of separate battles taking place with a specialized battle system and the use of a system that increases your power through a form of points.

Sure, what you say is the definition, but the connotation of RPGs is what they are in video games." - dtewi