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Burning Typhoon said:
You sold your pro? I'm sorry for your loss. But, I'd like all my stuff to be local. I'd much rather just upgrade the PS4 to 2, or 3TB and be done with it. That's just me, though. Would love if we could get music locally too.

No loss at all, I don't see any need for it just yet, there are way to many good games coming out that I want to buy and I want PSVR just a tad big more once I can find a unit. I'll pick one up again once I have a 4k TV and stable bank balance for buying games. The reason I don't wanna go SATA and haven't done is because it's singularly purposed and I wasted so much money swapping them on ps3, habing them break and getting trapped with data issues anyway. external is cheaper, can be used for multiple devices, can swap films/TV shows around with mates and all the good stuff. Oh and can't you download from spofity? 


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