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Kresnik said:

Both Utawarerumono games confirmed for the west on PS4/Vita. Vita versions physical in NA.


Surprised and interested in this, especially with physical release.

DemoniOtaku said:
hi guys! have not posted a lot since last year because I moved from venezuela to brasil a couple of weeks ago...

The Switch reveal is kinda lukewarm.. i really want it to success on the Japanese market, and between japanese small developers, i want it to be the Vita succesor that SONY will not give us... but until now.. Just Zelda and MK8 don´t justify its bought... the sad thing is that i don´t see any Nintendo hardcore fan talking about the others titles announced.. Just thinking of buying Zelda, MK8, Splatoon and other made-by-nintendo Stuff.. worrying, really, they wanted and boasted about the third party support.. and now they go back to their "i buy nintendo hardwares for nintendos Software only" way of thinking... trully Worrying...

I´ll stick with Vita, PS3 and PS4 a long time...

See ya, guys.. and hapy new year! xD

Welcome back, nice avatar by the way

Kresnik said:

God Wars is March in the west.

NISA must've been translating this one as development went along.

That is fast!  Glad to see it coming as well.