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pastro243 said:
Attiq said:
Original Poster. Your Very Very Lucky for your cost!

I have to buy 5 switches. At Australian Dollars the Switch is $470 ( if you convert from American Dollars thats an extra $50) times by 5 is $2350. That's without a single game. Without a single protective cover. Without a Pro Controller.

Why do I have to buy 5. Because everyone in my household is a Nintendo Gamer. And I cannot just get myself one. I have to get one for everyone. Those are my orders!

I think you shouldn't be complaining to much. On the upside for me I'll have at least 3 Docks to sell on ebay lol.

Man, get 2 (1 for you and another for the family) or something like that first haha. Wait for a price cut and then buy the other ones

Yes that would be the sensible idea for sure. Just my Wife and Kids will go on a rampage and take mine out of the house while I'm not looking LOL