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Scisca said:
Miyamotoo said:

No they didn't, that was said buy Nvidia on Nvidia site about Switch, not buy Nintendo, Nintendo never said that. Nintendo still didn't said anything about power, tech, architecture, or about capabilities of Switch, basically everything Nintendo said about Switch till now is in Switch initial trailer.


Let's be serious, everything they've said has been agreed upon and Nintendo takes full responsibility for it.

Switch chip is Nvidias chip and they talked about it, while like I wrote: "Nintendo still didn't said anything about power, tech, architecture, or about capabilities of Switch". Clear fact is that Nvidia said that not Nintendo, so you cant say in any case that Nintendo lied about that when still they didn't said anything.


curl-6 said:
Miyamotoo said:

Not true, my expectations were 500-600 Gigaflops, and that was realistic prediction based on performance of Tegra X1 chip, but Nintendo downclocked Tegra X1 and that directly influence performance. So nothing was unrealistic about 500-600 gigaflops for based Tegra X1 Switch, you sound like I said 1-1.5TF, lol.

Not true, I never said it will get lots a PS4/XBox One games, but that multiplatforms games that Switch will get will be ports of XB1/PS4 games not build from ground games for Switch, and that biggest downgrade will be lower resolution with few other downgrades compared to XB1/PS4. Also nothing unrealistic.

Actually, you did claim both those things at certain points. Your claims change constantly; at various times over the past two months you have claimed everything from "no noticeable downgrades" to "no downgrades except resolution" and then "some downgraded effects and 720p". You've been wrong about Switch's capabilities before, so your predictions that it will considerably exceed Wii U/PS3/360 graphically could be wrong as well. 

Some things you wrote are not true and with some I disagree, same goes with your previous post. Switch presentation is in less than 2 days, I really don't have attention to spend any my time in pointless arguing with you, so this is my last post.