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RolStoppable said:
To get this thread back on topic before it turns into the second tale of someone's butt, I voted "no" in the poll. Just adds work for the mod team and about half of the bans are for alt accounts and spambots. There has never been much value to the list because the moderated posts weren't linked, but adding links would only result in more unnecessary work.

Thank you for the well thought out, insightful and reasoned comment.

RolStoppable said:

I have to say something about this moderation for Pyro as Bill:

Trolling (The thread had just about nothing to do with Sony and you unfortunately took not 1, but 2 shots at them. If you're going to make these claims of Sony spreading misinformation and VR causing brain tumours, it would be beneficial to include some backing sources.) ~ trasharmdsister12 [8229234]

On the point of brain tumors, does it really require a backing source when the user himself is sufficient evidence?

I feel like you wrote this because you felt the need to balance out the universe after writing the other post.