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AZWification said:

No, but it makes sense for it to be a hint this time around since we've had all sorts of rumors about XBX appearing on the Switch.

Just like ppl assumed her tweet for the Switch reveal was a hint too?

Wyrdness said:

Yet a a fair number of her retweets of events have been Monolith Soft related so I don't get your moaning here, the op is within their right to post it given the record when she retweets events.

And her tweets are not 100% about Monolith news: she promotes Nintendo related software in general.

Wyrdness said:

Yet both of you have no concrete excuse about complaining about him posting news other than to moan, you're arguing this doesn't equal that yet admit the could be something on the horizon in other words admitting the news is still worth reporting anyway.

There are countless other threads related to the Switch reveal and rumours: that is what those threads are for, posts like this. So use them.