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Its finally time, the top 64! This round can and will have an impact on who the finalists will be. Of the 8 Pokemon each round only 2 will advance. Not only that but the top 4 finishers meaning, 4 Pokemon that finish 1st in their group and with the most Points overall will NOT, I repeat WILL NOT end up in the same round in round 5, ensuring they each have a shot to make it to the final round. Vote for your favourites to get to the semi-final round, round 5!

Vote for all Pokemon like in the example below:

8p Wartortle

7p Squirtle

6p cyndaquil

5p chimchar

4p turtwig

3p poliwag

2p caterpie

1p Pikachu

The Top 2 Pokemon for each round will advance to the semi-finals

Round 4 current Results:

1) Lugia 61 points

2) Scyther 55 points

2) Gallade 55 points

4) Squirtle 51 Points

5) Totodile 49 points

6) Skarmory 44 points

7) Articuno 42 Points

8) Rhydon 39 Points

We now move on to the current match of round 4

#181 Ampharos

#9 Blastoise

#445 Garchomp

#258 Mudkip

#330 Flygon

#1 Bulbasaur

#376 Metagross

#254 Sceptile

Tie Breaker:




Vote Your favourites through to round 5!

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