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hershel_layton said:
UnderstatedCornHole said:
Why do you guys want diversity?
Never heard a black person complain about diversity in video games. Never heard anyone complain except white males and politically deranged feminists.

I don't care honestly, but I think that if the developer is able to, they should at least do a minimum of black/white and male/female. Not for every game, but for ones where you explore and grow( Pokemon, skyrim, MMO's, etc.)

Diversity is a bit of a red herring as it can mean many things. When it's used today, it's usually used in the context of positive discrimination and it is not linked to quality, talent, merrit etc.

Diversity is not good by default and the concept that it is is a lie sown by people who have an agenda. This lie is then puppeted by average individuals with virtual signal complex who are inherrantly good people who want to do good things.

That's where it ends though. Diveristy, should be justified, not explicitly to me or anyone inparticular but for the context in which it is being pushed for.

This isn't really diversity as in the meaning of today as I think people are replying to this thread.

I agree with you, in MMO's, RPGs and the like then absolutely it shouldn't be just some white guy to choose from provided the choices are made for the sake of the quality of the game and not to appease anyone for political and social reasons.

What I'm completely against is this forced diversity where the increase in diversity is not being made based on market force but political force.