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Wright said:
VGPolyglot said:

I'm not sure if survival horror in general is for you, then.

Considering Resident Evil 2 had like 14 different weapons which also included a Gatling Gun, and RE1 and RE3 had around 10 each, I think his complain about weapons (and survival horror in general, since all those three games are considered survival horror) shouldn't be dismissed this way. He raises a valid point.

EDIT: Though we still don't know the whole extention of RE7's weaponry, though.

Yeah, this!

RE1-3 were true survival horror and they had loads of cool weapons. Grenade launcher with acid grenades, gatling gun, rocket launcher, and of course infinite ammo versions of some of them as unlockables. To me hiding away from things and sneaking around is something for pure horror games, the kind I don`t like. While survival horror is about knowing you have, or will have, the weapons to take down your enemies just that there likely isn`t enough for all of your enemies so you have to time when you use them. I find that much funner, sure you also have times where you should hide or run away from enemies, but you can also just pull out a shotgun and blow their heads off instead if you want!

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