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Just caught this one on the-magicbox, along with the Sony waggle rumour and more...


- Variety Asia reported that the top three Japanese game publishers are redirecting their development resources from Sony and Microsoft platforms to Nintendo's. Bandai Namco will increase Nintendo platform development by 109% to 115 titles; Sega will increase support by 96% to 49 titles this year; and Capcom will increase 5% to 20 titles.

- Variety Asia mentioned that Nintendo expects to ship 26.8 million units of Wii, Nintendo DS and GameBoy Advance software in the 2007 financial year, comparing to only 23.3 million units of software for PS3/PS2/PSP platforms.

- UNCONFIRMED: In addition, Square Enix expressed that they do not plan to develop any more new titles for PlayStation 3 until the console install base rises to a profit making level.

- UNCONFIRMED: EGM reported that a new installment of Parasite Eve is under development, which will be heading to home console.

- RUMOR: Sony will release a new "Waggle-Wall" bundle pack for PlayStation 2 in Christmas, for US$99, the Waggle-Wall is a Wii Remote type motion sensing controller, to compete with Wii. Sony has already registered the new controller for patent protection in December 2006.


Wow. Pure financial sense from Square Enix - "We aren't going to drive sales for you - you do that, then we'll join in".

I have to wonder what Sonys Waggle pack will do, and just how similar it will be to the Wiimote. If it gets too similar, I hope Nintendo has the balls to sue them.

The console battles are warming up - bring it on!

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