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May 30, 2008 - June looks like it's going to be another packed month for Virtual Console fans over in Japan. Nintendo announced today the lineup for the coming month, and leading it off are such big RPG hits as Super Mario RPG and Phantasy Star 4.

In all, the June lineup has fourteen titles. Here's the full list. Unless otherwise noted, all games are set for an undisclosed point this month.

Famicom (NES)
Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (Konami, June 3, 500 WiiPoints)
Transformers Convoy no Nazo (Taraka Tomy, 500)
Chou Nekketsu Dodge Ball (Arc System Works, 500)
Yoshi's Cookie (Nintendo, 500)

Super Famicom (SNES)
Super Mario RPG (Nintendo, 900)

Master System
Asyura (Sega, June 3, 500)

Mega Drive (Genesis)
Phantasy Star IV (Sega, 700)

PC Engine (Turbo Grafx)
Power Tennis (Hudson, June 3, 600)
Lords of Thunder (Hudson, 800)
Paranoia (Naxat Soft, 600)
Blazing Lasers (Hudson, 600)

Neo Geo
King of the Monsters (D4, June 4, 900)
Ninja Commando (D4, 900)
Art of Fighting 2 (D4, 900)


I hope it comes to america soon.