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JRPGfan said:

How do you know it was ford that programmed Maeve to escape? and why do you assume it needed to succede?
Maybe its just happend stance it went down the way it did, and she got the help she needed. Also in the end, her "self awareness" choose to not follow through with what she was programmed to do ("escape"), she choose to go back instead.

I don't think we can be certain of that. Bernard read her script to her, and it went like this: "Then, you're to make your way to the train. Then, when you reach the main..." and there he got interrupted. By "main" he may have been refering to mainland, as "Mainland infiltration " is shown on his tablet. However it could also be something else, like main line, or main train car, or something like that. And the story of mainland infiltration may have included her changing her mind halfway through. Wouldn't be the first time the series has thrown us for a loop.

As for who programmed Maeve, Ford seems like the most likely answer, but I don't think we can be certain of that either. In her script code, you see the word Arnold mentioned several times. Perhaps Ford used that name on putpose.
But as we learned in this episode, Arnold doesn't seem to exist anywhere in the game. The voice that Dolores heard all along was her own. So perhaps she is not only Wyatt, but the Arnold that has been speaking to various hosts and altered codes, subconsciously.

It's either her or Ford, is my guess.

It's very interesting that this season ended by basically revealing the mystery behind pretty much all major plotlines, and doing away with many of those characters. (Unless Ford made a replica host of himself, and isn't really dead. Although he had tears in his eyes when he said good bye to Bernard, so he may very well really be dead.)
Not much of it seems like it will carry on to Season 2, besides Dolores, so I guess they'll need to introduce a number of new characters and mysteries next season.