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Shadow1980 said:
StarDoor said:

Science denialism is more prevalent and damaging to society among liberals. While the views you have mentioned are ridiculed by the media and education system, the Left is almost entirely unchallenged in the public sphere on their creationist ideology that denies biology, genetics, and evolution. AGW denialism has not been the driving ideology behind the past 50+ years of governance, but impossible "equality" has been, to predictable results.

"Creationist"? I'm gonna assume you're not talking about the notion that the universe is 6000 years old and that all species are "special creations" that don't share a common ancestry, in which case I'm gonna have to ask for elaboration.

Also, science denial is most certainly not more prevalent among liberals. Conservatives are vastly more likely to deny evolution, global warming, geological time, and other parts of science that run contrary to conservative economic, social, and religious beliefs. While some liberals do deny that vaccines, GMOs, and nuclear power are safe, it is a small minority, and they are not statistically more likely to be anti-vax/-GMO/-nuclear than conservatives.

Clear sign you haven't really bothered to research this.  


"The bottom line is that the CDC data makes it very difficult to argue that conservatives and liberals share equal blame in the anti-vaccine war. Anti-vaxxers are clearly more associated with the political Left."

And I don't remember the outdated conservative base in Portland that moved to reject water flourination, one of the greatest health achievements in the 20th century.