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I don't see 3 million anywhere I do want to stress this, but I don't see how it is debunked. I've talked to many people who live in California who say that illegals can easily get licenses and they have seen people they knew were illegal vote before. That is anecodotal evidence so I won't say it equals any number reaching 3 million. Obviously by rules they are not suppose to vote, but I can easily believe the numbers can and were inflated in california due to illegal immigration. Wasn't there a video where ICE officials told Trump that illegals were not being deported because of democrats wanting them to vote? 

The burden of proof for 3 million relies on the Trump supporters. However, the reasoning for why there was no voter fraud doesn't convince me at all. So it wasn't debunked. It was never proven in the first place to me so I definately need more evidence regardless. So it's something I hope Trump supporters look into more, but I don't have an opinion beyond that, and I would never say 3 million without evidence.

I voted for Trump. I have very conservative relgious relatives that did not even vote at all. My oldest brother is a militant atheist and this is only the second time he voted for a Republican, he has voted for Nader in the past and a couple Democrats. I believe Trump got less Republican evangelicals that McCain or Romney and less Mormons. Someone also told me southerns overall, but I haven't seen any proof, but I did see him get more % of hispanics and african americans and lower % of evangelicals and mormons...so overall Trump won without the entire Republican Party. Hillary didn't get 50% of the popular vote so even though she got more she was still a minority candidate so over 50% did not want her. Also, almost all racists in my life have been democrats. I live in bucks county, PA and I am mixed racial in a very white liberal area.