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StarDoor said:

Unfortunately for you, even the Pew Research Center concedes that Republicans are more informed than Democrats.


Of course, trying to smear conservatives as "uneducated" is especially hypocritical when the least educated demographic, high-school dropouts, vote Democratic by wide margins. Way to insult your own base.

"Informed" and "educated" are two different things. 


I was correct in my "smear" about being uneducated. 

And I like how the metric you use for being "informed" is arbitrary quiz from 2011. I'm sure if I asked the right questions, I could get inverse results. Like how many Republican voters like the Affordable Care Act, but don't like Obamacare. Even though they're the same thing. They only care about the name because they aren't "informed" about anything other than "Obama is forcing you to pay money"

I'd rather go with a study on the aggregate on who's most likely to be educated. From 2016.