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Pavolink said:
Wright said:

Also, as someone who loves Gamecube, it pains me to see all this Gamecube hatin'.

People like to defend the Wii U because it is the fragile small ugly kid. The other ones can defend themselves. That's why they point other consoles, to not hurt the feelings of the kiddo.


RolStoppable said:
Wii U, it was just stupid on Nintendo's part to make GameCube ideas the core of the system while the software library took a similar direction. At least it got some good 2D platformers, unlike the barren GC. What makes the Wii U so disappointing is that Nintendo should have known better. The GC was just the next step on a continued decline, but the Wii U came right after Nintendo's most successful home console. Wii U also managed to surpass the N64's dreadful software droughts and that was not an easy feat.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell.

I also think the people who think more highly of GameCube don't quite remember the period accurately. It was a system filled with derivative titles, poor design choices, and inferior ports missing features and content.

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