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Stromprophet said: All I know is when both Wii and PS3 roll out at the end of March and both of them say they shipped 6 million (by the way, there was an interview with one of sony's presidents or something, shipped for them mean "sell-thru" or sold to retailer...) Well you be arguing so hard for their numbers on here Monty? Cause I gaurentee you this site probably won't match what Sony will say it shipped, or Nintendo for that matter. In fact, Wii may ship more than 6 million...and this sites numbers are likely to be less than shipped numbers for both those companies...will you still be arguing about this? I have the sneaking suspicion you won't be when it comes to those companies products. I think that spells something.. (it has an impeller on it, it pulls air thru it) + (a young male) = ....
Well, I never ever, ever said that the number should reflect the 10.4 million "sold" figure from MS... where did you get the idea I said that? As for whether I'm a fanboy or not, all I can say is that coming into this debate, I knew the 360 numbers and there was a LOT more out there to debate this issue as the PS3 and Wii were just released. And, come the end of March, if Nintendo says it shipped 6 million, but vgcharts lists sales of 3.9 million and tries to tell me there is 2.1 million of stock on shelves, I'll laugh them off this site (as they are doing with the 360). And, I somehow believe you'll jump the fence onto my side with that one, eh? I'd actually love to see you people flip-flop on this issue when that happens. I've been a diehard gamer for over 30 years now, and own consoles of every brand... I buy them all. Every console has it's good and bad points... all of them, and I can find a reason to want to own all of them.