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A lot of people bought the 1st year 1080p hdtv and they dont support 1080p output they upconvert a 1080i signal so some people who bought the PS3 with last years tv were pissed at sony also ebayers making a quick buck took back some PS3 because they couldnt get thier money back on ebay. mine works fine just a few of the said glitches on blurays it pause maybe 2x during a movie and the controller would cause avatar to spin for a few second once in a while. If you get one go to best buy or a place that offers an extended warranty gamestop offers a 1 year but sony already gives you that out of the box the only difference is you dont have to be without your console for a couple weeks! bestbuy should offer a second year coverage which is when most console take a crap and $60.00 for a second year of coverage it beats having to send it in to sony for $129.95 minimum. also best buy will swap it out with a new one!