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FattyDingDong said:
Seventizz said:

The Best Buy employees wear blue shirts and the Sony reps wear a similar blue shirt.  I'm sure the customer made an honest mistake and the Sony rep understood the error.  I'm sure both parties weren't perturbed.


You really think minimum wage workers who don't work on commission care what the customer ultimately buys either way?

I've actually been accused of being an Xbox fanboy on here. Btw I should mention that hardly anyone bought any PS4 PRO consoles.. it was mostly regular PS4s and some Xbox bundles.

I recently received a temp ban here for saying I didn't like the Wii or its controller in a 'Happy 10th Wii Bday' thread.  I guess I missed the hidden rule here that we can only criticize the Xbox brand and everyone else is off limits.


User was warned for this post ~ CGI