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Just a quick question that I posed to a group of friends earlier. I want to gauge which one is considered to be Nintendo's least preferred or most hated console from the bunch. Then again, remember, it's not about a console that has failed in sales, or that whatever reason that doesn't apply to you became as such. The question is which one, to you, is your least liked or most hated Nintendo console, and if possible, why.

I'm going to start with mine, which is what surprisingly prompted the conversation in the first place:

The console I dislike the most from Nintendo is the Nintendo 64. There's two reasons for this: the first one, most if not basically all of its games have aged terribly. They're extremely awkward to play (Save for perhaps Donkey Kong 64, and a few others), their visuals are mostly unappealing, and some of them are simply not enjoyable anymore, because they've dated badly. Add to it that I found most of Gamecube's counterparts to be vastly superior (Smash Bros Melee over Smash Bros 64, for example), and there's basically nothing left in the library of the N64 that I would replay, and I'd be hard-pressed to find any games I didn't play and go through them at this point. The other reason is the controller: alien, strange and it always felt awkward in my hands.

So, what's your pick, and why?