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naznatips said:
DonWii said:
You missed one world:

"PC gaming is making a come back with Spore, Crysis and, of course, Starcraft 2"

I dunno, PC gamers tend to be pretty understanding of the fact that their hobby will never be as popular (at least in America, Europe, and Japan) as console gaming. I suppose there are probably a few out there who think PCs will overtake consoles in game sales eventually, but not many.

If PCs ever dominate the market, it will be as a console that operates exactly like a PC except it doesn't run on Windows and doesn't have a Word Processor.

We're already almost there anyway. Add a mouse and a keyboard, allow for more flexibility with the hardware, and you're done.

But the PC as we know it will never dominate the market. The PC is the ultimate hardcore gaming machine, and I accept that this is a niche.