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So between japan and US and Canada the PS3 has sold 2.4 million according to NPD and MC/Famitsu independent tracking numbers. Sony itself said it only crossed a million in the PAL regions a few weeks ago which woudl make 3.4 million add in anoth 600,000 to make you happy and you get 4 million which is no where close to 5.5 million.

That number is SOLD to RETAILERS and not SOLD to CUSTOMER.

Let em say it like this SOLD to REATALIER(aka shipped) is what matters for profits and the company. However SOLD to CUSTOMER(aka SOLD) is what matters for user base and thus developers and also future shipments.

Sony coudl of shipped a ton off of brand name but slow sales will result in slower shipments hence MSs 10.4 million shipped in January leading to what is probably going to be 12 million in June of this year. However if the sell through is higher both MS and Sony would maintain around 1 million a month for more than a year and a half.