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Darc Requiem said: Well my neither my brother nor I for that matter care for DLP. DLP doesn't solve the size issue. My LCD weighs like 30lbs. My brother is looking to move out and he really doesn't want to lug a DLP set out of the house and i don't balme him. He'd be able to move an LCD unit with no problem. As for 1080p vs 720p, is it really that much of a difference on a 40"set. If he were looking at a 50" set, I'd tell him to go for 1080p, but on a 40" it doesn't seem to be worth it. I'll go look at the two units side by side to see if I'm mistaken.
The only think about DLP is the physical size and they are actually not that big. They are quite light too. My father's 61" dlp weighed about 40lbs less than my old samsung slimfit tube that was a 30". The shipping weight on my 42" lcd was 77lbs, so after unpacking it's probably somewhere in the 60s. As for your tv only weighing 30lbs, I think you would be surprised if you actually put it on a scale. Here are the specs on the 71"dlp from samsung. It's only 129.9lbs and that's a 71"! The dimensions on that tv are 65.8"(W) x 46.8"(H) x 20.4"(D) it's only 20.4" deep. As you can see here the 50" dlp only weighs 65lbs and has the dimensions of 45.4"(W) x 15.6"(D) x 32.3"(H). The depth is only 11.1" more than my flat panel at it's deepest point. They also don't suffer from light bleeding at the edges. Also, show me an lcd that has a contrast ratio of 10000:1. I own an LCD and I wish I had gotten a DLP.

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