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outlawauron said:

I'm sure they're all true. Just like the KKK marching in NC to celebrate Trump's win...

Oh wait, that didn't happen

Or that Muslim University student who said she was beat up by Trump supporters and had her wallet and hijab stolen.

Dang, that was made up too.


Look, I know that there are lot of hateful and mean things being done in the world right now, but there is so much FUD being spread right now. Several of those things in there sound pretty made up too.

I remember a story when an African-American girl claimed that a bunch a "white" guys abducted her and shitted all over her.  It made the national headlines with the support of the Rev. Jessie Jackson.  Come found out that the girl was too afraid to come home late and had a friend to smear dog shit all over her.  The media dropped the story like a hot potato.