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Slimebeast said:

What is this? The meltdown in Sweden!

Our prime minister "very worrying"

Our foreign minister "I feel a huge uncertainty".

Our biggest newspaper in its analysis:
"Trump won because he was able to mobilize the poorly educated white men and because the FBI interfered in the election campaign making the American people worried. The US must now be regarded as a broken democracy"

And the head honcho for the same paper:
"Icy winds are blowing over the whole world. The US has chosen a man who spits on democracy. The election of Donald Trump is a disaster for everyone who believes in an open and democratic world grounded in human rights.

It's a crushing defeat for liberal democracy. The world has now entered a new, unpredictable and dangerous era. We must prepare ourselves for difficult years. Things we have taken for granted can now be compromised.

The democracies must keep sticking together. Everyone who stands for democracy must now stand up together against the hate and against division. Generations before us have fought for the values that are now at stake. We can't allow the most basic to be swept away by the winds of Trump's victory."

The stomach of these people! The total pissing on democracy and the will of the voters. Isn't this absolutely sickening?

Same here in Germany, them far left salty tears. I love it!