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I hate politics and the US isn't even my country, but can someone explain to me why people are celebrating? Weren't both candidates awful anyway? Wasn't this accepted as a fact by most people? What is there to celebrate? That you "won"? As far as I know, nobody wins here but the candidates and their parties. Why do you people love to have such a child-like "us versus them" mentality? If anything, I'd be pretty depressed to know that most people of my country would rather vote in a way similar to what Marvel's Civil War did than to make themselves more knowledgeable about the subject and making an educated vote. Also, shame that Jill Stine(?) didn't get to 5%, she sounded like a good person with noble interests in mind, I haven't done much research on her though, so don't quote me on that.

At the end of the day, I just hope that you guys are cool enough to not bother your neighbours in a shitty way, we already have a fuck ton of problems here, we'd aprecciate it if you were to leave your problems in your country.

I'm now filled with determination.