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vizunary said:
FishyJoe said:

Way to go financial genius, you are looking at financial data from 2006. 2007 numbers have been out for months. Nintendo is in another world financially in 2007. Sales grew 89.8% from 2006 to 2007. Net income grew 77.2%.

You want to judge a company on your basis? Ok then, how about GM? GM has over $207 billion in revenue for 2007. GM has over $186 billion in assets. It makes Sony look like a pipsqueak. Do you want to own GM because of it's revenue and assets??? Be my guest.

Really, the numbers I used  WERE for the 2006 FISCAL year, which ended in march 2007, but you're right that is SO long ago they shouldn't even be considered valid any longer. I didn't realize that you travelled to 2008 and brought the 2007 numbers back with you. Post any of this data you have with a source if you don't mind.

@Lingyis, sorry I can't find the data I'm looking for. I'm at work and that was all I can find at the moment, I know I didn't prove my point, just showing different figures that I had at my disposal.

Forbes - Global top 2000 list its current at 3/29/2007(if this isn't good enough then to hell with it), and it includes market value, which is what some like to use, and it's got assets, which is what I was looking for, it'll take me longer to find liabilities, then I can figure assets - liabilities = NET worth<-- that's what I was getting...


CompanyCountrySales ($bil)Profits ($bil)Assets ($bil)Market Vaue ($bil)
164 SonyJapan 63.62 1.05 88.75 52.14
695 NintendoJapan 4.33 0.84 9.79 34.00


EDIT: Do you know where to look for total company liabilities, I have some software at work that I can pull these type of reports for customers for a fee.... maybe I should talk someone into getting full reports on Nintendo and Sony, then I can view them too ;)  .... I don't think it'd be a good idea to pull them for myself, they'd probably frown upon it, heh.


LOL!!! Fiscal 06 ended March 06 genius! Not March 07...

That's why u got ur numbers wrong!... Nintendo is in another world now!... They are *ON FIRE...!

Fiscal 07 report said they had like 89.9% profit or something! (And that report came out March 07)...

So for Vizunary... This is fiscal 08 we're living in (for Nintendo) Ending March 08.