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JRPGfan said:
LurkerJ said:

Tone down the hype...

The pilot was boring in a sense. I have not watched the movie but I could totally see where things were headed, it was very predictable. That's not bad, it's just a pilot.

The concept is not original, but that doesn't mean the show will be bad. It just means the concept has been dealt with extensively before.

A giant world, filled with syntheical made humans, that have A.I's smart enough to deviate from a set script.

A lead scientist trying to create real consciousness in machines (he says its just a "bug", purposefully lying to the others), he wants to extende life, so when he dies he can resurrect himself in a machine.
A team that are deadly scared of buggy machines, that are armed to the teeth, ready to fight them.Amoung these A.I some of them have developed real consciousness, and know they are in a fake world playing a part.Some malfunktion after learning this, others have known it and hide it (and appear able to hide/lie to humans, and hurt liveing things (the fly at the end)).A plot around a "gamer" whos a old player thats been playing the game on and off for 30 years, convinced their are clues about a "deeper" level to the game. He scalpes a indian in game, and finds a hidden map under there..


I just watched the movie.

It was really bad compaired to the first episode of this series. Its plot was alot less intresting and had less going for it. The concept was the same, but thats about it. TV series appears much much better written (and deeper plots), acted, ect.

TV series > the movie from the 70s by miles and miles.

Excuse me for not reading the highlighted parts because I haven't watched the movie. I also can't comment on your comparison for the same reason.