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smbu2000 said:
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The only thing I could imagine bugging me with the iphone 7 over my current iphone 6 plus are the rare occasions I would want to use earphones and charge at the same time.

Not a fan of ios 10 though... Pointless cosmetic changes which I don't see as being better, possible improvements to things I don't use and (most annoyingly on my iphone 6 plus) requiring I push the home button to unlock after I scan my finger print rather than simply scanning my finger print.

Not sure if you know about this, but if you go into Settings->General->Accessibility->Home Button then you can set the option "Rest Finger to Open" to On. That will allow you to get into your iPhone without having to actually push the home button. 


It makes it much easier to get into your phone as you don't have to actually push the button to get into your phone. On my 7 plus, I just have to lift up my phone and place my finger on the home button, it works great again. I'm not sure why they made the other way, the default option. It screwed me up after I first installed ios 10 on the 6s plus I had before. 

Thanks for that. It's crazy that they hid that option deep under accessibility too.

There are so many little things they screwed within os 10, such as alarm notifications now taking a couple of clicks to dismiss (when you're using your phone) or when my neice facetimes me in order to ask for permision to get an app i can no longer click accept until she quits facetime because the facetime banner covers the relivant button (pretty sure it wasn't like that before),

I really don't know what they were thinking as I don't see any advantage with os10 at all. Meanwhile, there are significant improvments they could have done to make things actually better and be more competative with android.