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When all this are equal or close I buy from companies from my home state or country-
A good example is Home Depot and Lowes - they are often located next each other, similar products and prices- So I always bought from Home Depot (head quartered/founded in my home state) - Then Home Depot Hired Nardelli from GE as CEO- they paid him a ton of money and he ruined the rep and service of Home Depot- nearly ruined the company- So I started shopping at Lowes for years after instead- they capitalized on Home Depots mistakes and service at Home Depot had become terrible-
Home Depot finally mad changes and it took years to gain back their reputation - so years later I am back at Home Depot - Loyalty is good but being blindly loyal is not- you don t want to reward a company going in the wrong direction-
As far as products made, it is more ad more difficult to find products not made in China which sux because the quality is often poor and quality control is terrible -