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Snoopy said:

I ask this question because I tend to do this all the time. Even if the product is inferior. I try to buy products that was made in America or if the company that made it is based in America. I feel like I'm helping this country everytime I do this. Now a lot of you know I'm an xbox fanboy and I like the xbox one the most out of all the consoles this generation. However, I will still buy the xbox one and buy xbox one games on the system over the other competitors no matter what. Even if I found the product inferior. Thoughts?

Since America is a proud, Capitalist nation, wouldn't it be better to buy foreign-produced goods as often as possible (provided they are superior products)?  Adam Smith would argue that you are encouraging your country's buisnesses to be poor competitors and actively undermining the philosophy of your nation's economy---indeed, even damaging its competitive value to the detriment of the American consumer.  How...unpatriotic.

Don't worry--I'm just messing with you.  But to answer your question, we buy our food locally, our equipment globally, and invest domestically.