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You will add to the Chinese economy anyway^^

Note doesn't seem to be Samsung's flagship anymore. It's just a bigger screen with no noticeable other improvements over the S7. That's why it had the expandable storage, because it was the same hardware in a bigger case. Now after this disaster they may even abandon the line.

I think the physical reductions are here to stay. At the cutting edge they are always looking for more room inside the case, be it for battery or more chips. Now even more because they've reached the size equilibrium. Human hands and pockets are not going to be bigger so flagship phones will stay within the 5-6" range.

It's easily imaginable that they transit to phones with no physical input at all. They will just ship every phone with a wireless docking station that will handle power and data transfer. That's probably the dream of both Apple and Samsung. Just imagine the free space inside the case and how easy it will be to make it waterproof. Also to make true unibody cases with no cracks or openings at all.

I wouldn't mind that future at all because I'm already using no cables on my phone at all.

Note is Samsung's flagship, just like their S lineup. Has been for a very very long time, and, in fact, Apple has adopted Samsung's lineup configuration since iPhone 6. There is absolutely NO chance Samsung will kill Note off. And it definitely has noticeable extra features that S phones lack, you should do your research.

The room argument (just like Apple's "courage" comment) is complete BS in the headphone jack case. It's plain and simple poor design. Most people own headphones with an analog connector, and now they must use an extra adapter if they want that stuff to work with their iPhone. Unless they need to charge their phone at the same time... In which case you can get a bulky dock from Apple for the low price of $60 (WTF???). Apple is indeed courageous here; for no other company would have the balls to deliberately fuck over their consumers like that.

The completely wireless future is actually already here. Many phones have wireless charging and never have to be plugged into anything to operate. As far as I know, Samsung's flagships have implemented wireless charging for several generations now; they also happen to have all the standard physical ports AND are waterproof. Your true unibody comment makes me laugh: aside from being a complete bitch to repair, you'd have a Faraday cage in your hands lol.

Now going back to the topic at hand, iPhone 7's new button is indeed badly designed. According to you, "If you don't have touchscreen gloves you won't be able to operate the phone either even if you can press the home button." (This is actually not even true, many Samsung and Nokia devices are equipped with touchscreens that are sensitive enough to work with gloves.) The problem is that the new buttons don't work with conductive gloves that are designed for touchscreens. You NEED to press the home button to be able to enter the passcode to get access to your phone. I hope you see why this is troublesome now.

Last time I heard the iPhone 7 has a physical screen on/off button. That should work with gloves.

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