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kowenicki said:

Wow, it still hasnt past the WiiU.  Thanks for highlighting this, I havent been paying attention. It's doing worse than I thought over there.  Will be the worst selling Playstation ever in Japan presumaby?

Launch alligned, I'm sure it has outsold WiiU, which has been out for 14 months longer in Japan. Though even counting that head start, another week like this would put PS4 past it. That said, this looks be the worst selling Xbox and Nintendo console in Japan as well. And I think the drop off from the previous consoles is bigger for Microsoft and Nintendo as well.

PS4 has sold ~29,4% of what PS3 sold.
WiiU has sold ~25,3% of what Wii sold.
XBO has sold ~4% of what X360 sold.

That's a massive drop for Xbox, and while both it and WiiU have no future in Japan from here on out, PS4 will keep selling for some years to come.

Azzanation said:
Kerotan said:

The sad part is it actually is sold there and it's 2 predecessors did respectable numbers. 

Thats my point. Its practically none existed in Japan. Everything would be outselling the X1 in Japan. Just like US cars dont sell well in Japan either. Thank god Japan is only a small market share.

As for the original Xbox and 360. They didnt sell well either in Japan and they turned out to be successful consoles. 


If i were MS ill just stop caring for the Japanese market all together and chase the bigger fish in the sea. Cant convince a culture to buy American products it just doesn't happen unless its iPhone. Im not even American and im saying this haha.

The Japanese market extends beyond Japan. Which is why Japanese publishers refrain from putting some titles on Xbox even outside Japan, like the Persona series. Japanese games is part of Playstation's appeal worldwide. If Microsoft give up on Japan completely, the disparity in Japanese titles between Playstation and Xbox will only become worse.

Anyway, what Kerotan's numbers illustrate is not just that PS4 outsells XBO, but how poorly XBO is doing. Even compared to its predecessor. It has only sold 4% of what X360 has in Japan so far.