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Kerotan said:

Since we are on Vgchartz and we like to compare console sales,  comparisons,  milestones etc I decided to make this a thread.  


Here is something you don't see a lot.  Ps4 this week sold 96k in Japan.  To date the lifetime sales of XB1 are 68k. It has managed to easily outsell it's LTD.  


Not many would have predicted this happening before the gen started at least not this well into it.  The XB and XB360 sold sufficiently that this wasn't possible after a certain period into last gen and the one before. 


But here we are.  Yet another milestone for the ps4. Next up,  passing the Wii U in Japan. 

Wow, it still hasnt past the WiiU.  Thanks for highlighting this, I havent been paying attention. It's doing worse than I thought over there.  Will be the worst selling Playstation ever in Japan presumaby?

I'm not really here!

Link: Shipment History Since 1995