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eva01beserk said:
Conina said:

Sure, but these comparisons were started by PlayStation fans boasting about "how close the PS4 Pro graphics are to $1500 PC hardware" with many quotes like "I see no difference":


Ar you serious? you are saying its not close? why dont you give us a porcentage of how close you think it is?

CUz to the majority of people they would say and they have said that its pretty close, close enoughf to spend only $400 on it.

Lol ive been there.... 

I've given up on it though, just accepted that some purists will always find a way to knock down consoles. I mean if you read some of the posts here you would think the difference in question is akin to comparing 720p to 4k when in truth is more like comparing something higher than 1440p to 4k. 

I'm gonna probably end up with a 55-65" 4k HDR Tv this November. I'll be sitting around 7ft away from it when gaming... I would really like to see if  I can see these differences that they are talking about. I'm aware they are there, but I want to see how obviously inferior the image will be. Cause 1080p looked perfectly fine to me just 3 or so weeks ago before i sold my PS4.