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tokilamockingbrd said:
Sony already has a userbase around 2X that of XB1. Microsoft really felt like the fact the PS4 was more powerful at launch was the main reason it has crushed them now for 3 years. This tells me they really think it as simple if they become more power they win. Console gamers are not like PC gamers where they feel they need have the best of the best all the time. Some are, but they also tend to own multiple consoles anyways.

Sony is releasing the Pro because in 2013 the tech was not ready to make 4K gaming affordable, we are now getting there. The Pro is simply a stop gap to allow people who wish to play in 4K a way to and allow them to wait longer before PS5.

Microsoft might be getting into a dangerous cycle for them. If they start annualizing hardware updates they lose their differentiation from PCs. Most of their games are already on PC, so people will start asking themselves why they have an Xbox if whatever they buy this year is obsolete next year. Of course if they start treating them like cellphones this could work, you pay 30 bucks a month for your network access and it includes the hardware which you can upgrade every 2 years, or you can get on the 45 bucks a month plan and upgrade annually.

This could potentially mark the end of Xbox console as a brand. They will simply go about posting hardware updates putting the devs into a fix. Dreamcast of Sega had struggled after besting ps2 hardware and see where it ended up, in less than 2 years of not being able to compete with the massively succesful ps2, Sega discontinued and were out of the console business. If Xbox Scorpio falters the same way as to (PS4 slim+ PS4 Pro) when sales data are in, then its trouble. Most console gamers would stick with current consoles brought at launch or buy new at lower prices where the PS4 slim comes into relevance. Sony clearly knows how to market their features well by targetting their audience. PS4 Pro is simply targetted for the enthusiasts with a valid reason. I'm getting a PS4 Pro, because I own a 4K monitor and wish to play ps4 pro enhanced games at that resolution. It baffles me, that 4K Blu-Ray is considered as a feature to compete with where the audience is pretty much niche. Ps4 Pro would sell less for many other reasons, but 4K blu-ray is not one.