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BraLoD said:
bluedawgs said:

Well you have been a very active member of a website solely dedicated to sales talk for a few years now, so you should know better by now why Xbox One will absolutely not sell more than the PS4 in the United States. But just in case you weren't aware, there is a PS4 slim releasing in a week, the PS4 has always been vastly more popular than the Xbox One in literally every territory that isn't Brazil, and we are approaching a 2 million lead in the United States for the PS4. Why, when it appears that Xbox One S has underperformed in its launch month, selling less than 300k and perhaps selling less than 250k, would the Xbox One then go on to sell more in the United States in September in the, again, vastly more popular PS4 slim's launch month?

It's more popular here just as well.

i put that in just in case i was wrong about the "literally every territory" line, but i actually was under the impression that teh xbox one sold more there