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Symbolic said:

Did you try disconnecting the Internet and then booting each disc? I don't own either of the Halo releases on Xbox One so I don't know if they're playable without the patches (I recall Halo MCC's campaigns supposedly being completely playable without any patches); however, plenty of other Xbox One titles like Dead Rising 3 and Sunset Overdrive are playable offline without the patches.

If you want to play online or see achievements pop in real time, though, you're going to have to download all of the patches.

Yeah, I didnt try, I think thats the way Ill go from now on, on the Xbone at least, going totally offline, since I dont plan to play online anytime soon. But anyways, Updates are ridiculosly large. It would make more sense if a reedem code comes in the box instead of a blu ray. And what is worse, once I have downloaded the 41GB, I will have to have the goddamn bluray IN the console...


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