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Daddo Splat said:
1st off yoga and and aerobics and the other work out may be done with out the board but the set combined and the ability to follow the Wiifit trainer for the board and $90.00 is a great deal.

I mean do you personally know all the yoga moves on your own???? Aerobics move to????

My wife and daughters have been on it over an hour each and they can seriously feel the excercise.

Its not a Body builders work out its a toning work out. I tried it for 10 min and I can feel it so I think it will sell well.

Parents want activity for thier kids and this is perfect mixing video games with excercise.

i could probably find them fairly easily by using a search engine. 

Most of society falls into the severe category sadly.  results are likely to be minor.

"I like my steaks how i like my women.  Bloody and all over my face"

"Its like sex, but with a winner!"

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