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Here's the third-to-last update for August's monthly rankings:

XBO S 2TB: #23 (—)
PS4 CoD bundle: #24 (—)
New 3DS XL (black): #35 (↓1)
XBO S 500GB Halo bundle: #42 (↑1)
PS4 standalone: #58 (—)
New 3DS XL (red): #82 (↓5)
XBO S 1TB Madden bundle: #86 (↓2)

Well, the Vita's re-entry into the monthly charts was short-lived. Everything else was fairly stable in today's update. Only two updates left for August. The initial September monthly rankings should be up on Sunday.

Now for the initial rankings for Week 1 of September:

PS4 CoD bundle: #31
XBO S 500GB Halo bundle: #34
New 3DS XL Galaxy edition: #39
PSTV: #41
XBO S 2TB: #63
PS Vita: #79
PS4 standalone: #82
PS4 UC4 LE bundle: #83
XBO S 1TB Madden bundle: #97

Impressive start for the N3DS XL Galaxy edition. Since it was released this week it will count towards September NPD period sales. I wonder how big September will be for the 3DS.